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Research Center for Complex Molecular Systems and Biomolecules
Center for Biomolecules and Complex Molecular Systems   
Supported by the Ministry of Education, Czech Republic      
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3rd Summer School of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
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Online Registration

School is full now, registration has been closed.

General Information
  • When and where?
    30. August - 3. September 2004
    Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Fleming Square 2
    166 10 Prague 6

  • Intended Audience
    Summer School is intended for undergraduate students with interest in methods of computational and theoretical chemistry and their applications. Lectures will be given in czech language. Czech invitation card may be downloaded here. Study materials will be made available online during July 2004.

  • Accomodation
    Accomodation will be provided in the "Volha" dormitory (Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague) since Sunday 29. 8. till Sunday 5. 9. 2004. You get to Volha by metro line C, direction Haje. Get off at the Chodov station, then take the bus 177 or 122, get off in the Volha station. Ask randomly chosen student for Volha dormitory or try to find it yourself using this map or this satellite picture.

  • Registration & Payment
    Organizers will pay for the accomodation, food, travelling and social events taking place as the part of Summer School. Number of participants is limited to 20, so do not hesitate and register as soon as possible.

Program  detailed program

Lectures will be provided by scientists from the Center for Complex Molecular Systems and Biomolecules. Lectures will be accompanied by practical exercises and examples (e.g. modelling of DNA, modelling of zeolite catalysts, etc.). Last day will be devoted to stand-alone projects. Following areas will be covered:
  • Introduction to quantum chemistry
  • Correlation energy
  • Introduction to Unix
  • Potential energy surface
  • Quantum chemistry codes
  • Molecular mechanics
  • Simulations and molecular dynamics
  • Visualization and molecular graphics
  • Molecular interactions
  • Quantum molecular dynamics
  • Statistical thermodynamics
  • Rotational and vibrational spectroscopy
A detailed program can be found here.


Doc. Pavel Jungwirth, PhD

Doc. RNDr. Petr Nachtigall, PhD

phone: 220 410 314
fax: 220 410 320
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