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Research Center for Complex Molecular Systems and Biomolecules
Center for Biomolecules and Complex Molecular Systems   
Supported by the Ministry of Education, Czech Republic      
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1st Pittsburgh-Prague Symposium On Complex Molecular Systems
February 5-10, 2003, Villa Lanna, Prague, Czech Republic
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Accomodation and all venues will take place in Villa Lanna, V sadech 1, Prague 6 - Dejvice, phone: ++420-224 321 278 (for photo have a look here). Pick-up at the Prague airport and transportation to Villa Lanna will be organized. Accomodation and meals are fully covered.

Preliminary Program

  • February 5

    Arrival, 18:00 - informal get-together with dinner

  • February 6

    8:00 Breakfast
    9:00 Coalson Modeling Ion Permeation Through Protein Channels
    9:45 Hof Solvent Relaxation in Phospholipid Bilayers
    10:15 Hobza Structure and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids Base Pairs
    10:45 Coffee Break
    11:15 Jordan Role of Electron Correlation Effects in the Conformational Properties of Biomolecules
    12:00 Havlas Electronic Spectra of Parallel Benzene Excimer Model
    12:30 Lunch
    14:00 Petek Probing of Ultrafast Electron and Nuclear Dynamics at Metal Surfaces by Time-Resolved Photoemission
    14:45 Kuzel Photon Driven Ultrafast Plasma Expansion in GaAs: A Study by Time- Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy
    15:15 Coffee Break
    15:45 Tikhonov Laser Driven Current Through Molecular Wires
    16:15 Samec Quasi-elastic Laser Light Scattering on Phospholipid Monolayers
    16:45 Poster + 5 min Oral Presentations, drinks will be available
    Chocholousova   Potential and Free Energy Surfaces of the Formic and Acetic Acid Dimers: Theory and Experiment
    Chocholousova   Glycine Dimer: Empirical and High-Level Non-Empirical Ab Initio Calculations and Experimental Study
    Hanus, Rejnek   Ab Initio and Molecular Dynamics Study of Guanine Tautomers in the Gas Phase, in a Microhydrated Environment and in Aqueous Solution
    Jurecka, Hobza   Towards True Stabilization Energies of H-bonded and Stacked DNA Base Pairs
    Kabelac   Potential Energy Surfaces of Guanine - Cytosine Base Pair and Related Tautomers: Molecular Dynamics and Ab Initio Study
    Kadlec   Methodology of Optical pump-terahertz probe experiments
    Klusak   Nature of Binding of Bombykol in Pheromone Binding Protein. An Ab Initio Study
    Kyvala   Spin-Orbit Coupling and Zero-Field Splitting of CASSCF States of Polyatomic Molecules
    Lepsik   Nanosecond Molecular Dynamics of HIV Protease-inhibitor Complexes; Insights into Differential Binding Potency
    Svec   Kinetic and Structural Characterization of Two Active Forms of Aspartic Proteinase from Murine Intracisternal A-type Particles
    Svozil   On the Improvement of The Empirical Potential Dispersion Energy Term
    Sychrovsky   Solvent Effect on NMR Spin-Spin Coupling Constants in DNA
    Tikhonov   Diffraction of Light from Colloidal Crystals
    Vondrasek   Study of Peptidic Bond Nonplanarity - Consequences for Proteins

  • February 7

    8:00 Breakfast
    9:00 Amemiya Probing Molecular Transport at the Nuclear Envelope by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
    9:45 Malijevsky Statistical Thermodynamics of Fluids
    10:15 Jungwirth Molecular Modeling of Atmospheric Aerosols and Cryogenic Clusters
    10:45 Coffee Break
    11:15 Warriner Collapse and Respreading in Single Component Lipid Monolayers - Implications for Lung Surfactant Design
    12:00 Spirko Radiative Association of Triatomics
    12:30 Lunch
    14:00 Petoud Luminiscence Lanthanide Complexes for Applications in Life Sciences
    14:45 Nachtigallova Theoretical Studies of Metal Cations in Zeolites
    15:15 Coffee Break
    15:45 Nachtigall, Bludsky Effect of the Environment on Vibrational Properties of Molecular Ions
    16:30 Poster + 5 min Oral Presentations, drinks will be available
    Benda   Coefficients in Planar Phospholipid Systems by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
    Bumba, Kolafa   Global Phase Diagram of the BMCSL - Dieterici Equation of State
    Kolafa, Labik, Francova   The Density Dependence of the Bridge Function of Hard Spheres
    Kucera   Pyrrol as a Probe Molecule for Characterization of Active Sites in Alkali-metal Exchanged ZSM-5: Combined IR and Theoretical QM/MM Study
    Al. Malijevsky   Exact Calculation of Depletion Force of Hard Spheres Within the Fundamental Measure Theory
    Moravek, Hujo, Labik   Excess Volumes of Model Molecular Fluid Mixtures
    Mucha   Quantum Dynamics and ZEKE Spectra of the Cl-...H2O Complex
    Odvarkova   Behavior Fluorated and Non-fluorated Alcohols in Monolayers; Computer Simulation Study
    Roeselova   Adsorption of Ozone and OH Radical on Aqueous Sea Salt Aerosols
    Sindelka   Bound and Continuum Electronic States of Dipole Bound Anions
    Silhan   Theoretical Study of NO and CO Interaction with TMI in High-silica Zeolites: Cu+ vs. Ag+ Ions
    Slavicek   Photodissociation and Cageing of Hydrogen Halides in/on Large Rare Gas Clusters
    Zdanska   Formation of Protonium in Rearrangement Collisions

  • February 8 - 9

    Free time, Sightseeing, ...

  • February 10


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